Harley is a happy little fella who loves to play with his girls but also play on his own, hurling his toys around. We call him the village idiot when he's throwing them around and bouncing after them. He's also sometimes called 'Humbug' as he's basically black and white.

At just 2 years old we discovered that he has a carrot allergy. I have always fed my dogs raw carrots as a teeth cleaning aid, Harley was very upset with symptoms of stomach cramps, lethargy and unable to do anything. By process of elimination and a lot of syringe feeding we found that the symptoms were brought on by carrots or tinned foods containing them. Naturediet is the only wet food containing carrot that he can tollerate.

A little sweetie, he's now retired from the showring and keeping busy playing and ruling the roost as he's my only male in the house now.

Nykarth High Falutin


Ch & Ir Ch Tangaer Magique


Nykarth Josephine